Helping Australian Businesses Achieve Full Software Licence Compliance

Enterprise Licence Solutions provides in-depth, relevant and experience-backed services to help you protect your company from software licencing compliance risks. Our experienced software licence audit consultants help you make the smart choices for your organisation that help you avoid paying potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in licence non-compliance penalties.

Whether you’ve already been served with a notice that you’ve been selected for an audit or you would like to scrutinise your current position to determine exposure risk, we’re there for you. Led by IT professionals with decades of industry experience across a range of corporate environments, we have the capabilities to protect your business and improve your position with your software vendors.

Developing a defensible position

With both Microsoft and Oracle auditing more and more customers, it’s imperative for business-owners to pre-emptively address potential licencing compliance breaches, minimising the risk of an expensive payout.

Our consultants will closely scrutinise your organisation’s current software entitlements and deployments. Where we have discovered compliance risks, we’ll work closely with management and your IT organisation to develop a minimally-disruptive remediation plan that protects your existing IT investments.

Delivering the support your business requires

Our goal is never to sell you more software. At Enterprise Licence Solutions, we understand that no one knows your business – and your business’ needs – better than you do, so our role is purely consultative, helping you better understand your current position and how it could potentially be improved through configuration changes.

With background in Microsoft, SAP and Oracle ecosystems, we have the breadth of experience necessary to ensure optimal results for your organisation. Trust us to provide the knowledge you need to make informed choices that protect your business and help it thrive now and into the future.

Contact us today via email at or call us directly on +61 407 728 623 and start a conversation about the future of your business.