Millions of companies around the world rely on software developed by Microsoft.

Increasingly complex licencing contracts are putting users at greater risk of violating their terms of service.

Enterprise Licence Solutions is here to make the contract process easier. We assist you in navigating the path to full compliance and avoiding substantial payments.

Seemingly insignificant licensing changes may result from simple configuration changes or unsanctioned use of virtualisation.

These changes can have ramifications for your company running into millions of dollars.

Whether preventative or corrective, ensure we’re on board next time you need a Microsoft licence audit consultant.

Protecting your business against damaging non-compliance fees

The Microsoft licencing landscape is becoming increasingly complex, with multiple options for deployment of cloud based solutions.

Solutions include mobility of existing licences with Software Assurance, acquire new licences, subscription, etc.

Our software licence audit consultants pride themselves on their attention to detail.

We’ll scrutinise your current entitlements and deployments. This will ensure that you’re not at risk of being served with a demand for payment.

Where we find compliance risks, we’ll provide recommendations that bring you back into compliance with minimal disruption.

Independent, experience-backed support for your company

Choose the best for your business and ensure that you’re working with Enterprise Licence Solutions whenever it’s time to review your licence contracts.

ELS is led by professionals with decades of IT management experience. We deliver an exceptional service that meets your needs each and every time.

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